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About Mr. Moore

Amid the COVID pandemic in the summer of 2020, CraigAnthony Moore founded Moore Services. CraigAnthony is a dedicated, young entrepreneur who devotes his time to serving clients through providing lawn care, baking confections, and many other business ventures.


Chef Curry's Confections originally began as a simple way for CraigAnthony to show his care and compassion for others through baking. After demand increased, CraigAnthony began to take on the persona "Chef Curry" and created a bustling business selling brownies and cakes.

DJ Uncle Craig represents the togetherness that music can facilitate between groups of people/ Ever since DJ Uncle Craig began DJing at a young age pro bono, his skillset and love for the art of music continues to grow.

Entering it's 5th season, Moore Services & Co has been overjoyed to provide lawn care for the greater St. Louis community. Driven by personal connections and client satisfaction, CraigAnthony provides nothing shy of the best for his lawn care clients.

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